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Reviews and Interviews

“…the performance by the artist is warm and all-encompassing throughout its transcendent performance.”

Steve Sheppard

One Wolrd Music

“A gorgeous piece that will soothe you with its easygoing tempo, expressive bass, bright tones, and a deep yet relaxing mood. It is a must-listen during any part of your day.”

Amy Braun

AI Love Music

“…Thompson uses her skills with an instrument to connect with others and express her personal perspective on issues. We chatted with Melany Thompson about her album, future plans and much more..”

Nicole Mendes

The Other Side Reviews

“…a beautiful debut solo piano album by Australian pianist/composer Melany Thompson. The album was nominated for “Classical Album of the Year” by SoloPiano,com and I’m sure many awards and nominations are in Melany’s near-future!”

Kathy Parsons

Mainly Piano

“…the album is a lavish display of songwriting prowess. Beginning with the opening few bars of ‘Autumn Dancing’ you can tell that Melany’s songwriting comes from a place of personal and creative influence, and the soft melodies that she forms flow together to create an almost seamless musical narrative.”


Broken Records

“…Melany Thompson may have played at the Sydney Opera House at the age of 11, but I’m fairly certain that the best for this remarkably talented artist is yet to come. With the cinematic air to her sound, it would be no great surprise to hear her evocative melodies within film scores…”

Amelia Vandergast

A & R Factory

“…If you enjoy the work of composers such as the aforementioned Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi, or Alexander Desplat, you are definitely going to enjoy this release…”